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How to Get Beautiful Eyes Naturally

Eyes are the colorful expressive organs, which are known as the windows of the soul. Even when the face can betray an emotion, the eyes often give them out. The mysterious expression, their various colors and their function of looking at the world have made the eyes one of the most exotic and mystic organ of human body. They are the most delicate part of human body, and can get hurt and damaged very easily. They are also indicators of good health or illness.

Women often try to beautify their eyes with makeup – like eye shadow, eye liners, mascara and other shades lending it a dramatic look. No matter what you apply for the eyes, unhealthy eyes can never look beautiful. Therefore the best make-up one can apply for the eyes is to take good care of them, not just for aesthetic purpose, but also to keep them functioning in a healthy manner.

Basic tips for beautiful eyes

Wrinkles, dark circles, reddish color, puffiness and dullness are some of the disastrous beauty spoilers. The cause can be stress, illness, straining the eyes too much by using computer, watching T.V. or reading, sleeplessness, or trauma to the eye itself. Ageing affects the eyes by creating crow’s feet, wrinkles and dullness in them. Fortunately there are some excellent home remedies that can beautify your eyes naturally, without harsh chemicals.

Below are some basic tips that can help in preventing damage to the eyes:

  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Use sunglasses
  • Use anti-glare screen on computer monitors
  • Remember to blink when reading or working on computers
  • Keep the eyes clean and free of makeup
  • Consult your ophthalmologist regularly
  • Never rub the skin around eyes

Treating puffy eyes

Puffiness or bags around the eyes, known as dropsy, can spoil not only the beauty of the eyes but also of the whole face. Often it is caused by fluid buildup around the eyes, therefore, keeping the head elevated when sleeping helps.

Cut thick slices of cucumber or potatoes. Tilt head back, close eyes and place the slices over the eyes. Leave it on until you feel the coolness and relaxing effect on the eyes. Dipping the slices in cool lemon juice has added benefits of lightening the skin around the eyes.

Used green tea bags preserved in refrigerator, are excellent eye packs, since the astringent in them shrinks the tissues around the eyes.

Swelling reducing Vaseline or Vitamin E oil works effectively in reducing puffiness when applied around the eyes and left overnight.

Remedy for dark circles

Dark circles are persistent and do not respond to treatment quickly, though with proper care you can get rid of them permanently.

Squeeze juice out of a slice of pineapple. Add turmeric powder to the pineapple extract to make a thick paste. Apply this over the dark circles to lighten them.

Mix juice of fresh potato and cucumber in equal proportion. Dip cotton pad into it and then place it over closed eyes for half an hour. Wash them with cold water. Lemon and tomato juice also have the same effect.

Applying almond oil on the dark circles overnight is a great remedy for dark circles.

Cure for dull eyes

Add 1 drop of castor oil to 10 ml of rose water and mix it well. Soak cotton pads in the mixture and cover them over the eyes. It removes dullness from the eyes; in addition it makes the lashes to grow long and luscious.

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