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Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth: How Effective?

We all have faced the problem of hair loss every now and then. For some, the problem may be very serious while for others it could be a minor issue but the problem persists with almost all of us. Chances are that you have already tried many ways to prevent hair loss or encourage hair growth. In fact there might have been instances where you tried out various new products each month to see which one would be more effective but on the contrary ended up losing more hair.

The Bhringraj Plant

Here is something which took into account all the hair problems and went to the root of the problem to cure it. Bhringraj or False daisy is a well known name of Eclipta alba (Latin name of the plant).


The weed is found in various countries like Brazil, China, India and Thailand. Not only is it helpful in growing hair but the different parts of the plants have multiple medicinal value – like the leaf extract can be used as liver tonic and anti aging herb. Apart from this, the plant is a good source of alkaloids, triterpine, saponin, luteolin, ecliptine and glycosides. But Bhringaraj is extensively used as an oil preparation that enhances hair growth and provides essential food for hair.

Constituents of Bhringraj Oil

In addition to containing Bhringraj (the main ingredient), the Bhringaraj oil also contains other things like Amla, Centella, Coconut Oil, Brahmi, Mulethi, Aja Dugdha and Goa Dugdha. All the herbs are made into a fine powder and then added to hot coconut oil or sesame oil; it is then filtered and filled in the bottle for the market.

How Does Bhringraj Work?

Bhringaraj is a widely used medicine all across India and also in China. Bhringraj Oil is useful mainly for the treatment of hair fall. The oil–

  • Stimulates fresh growth of hair
  • Reduces greying of hair
  • Nourishes Scalp and strengthens hair strands

The presence of other ingredients and how they work:

  • Amla that is one of the key ingredients of the oil is tridosha sedative and nurtures the roots of the hair as well as the scalp.
  • The blood circulation is increased by Amla and Bhringaraj, making the roots of the hair strong and preventing hair loss. When you apply the oil it has a soothing effect on your scalp and it helps in relaxing the muscles and nerves of the head.
  • Sesame Oil which is considered as the base oil has anti oxidants properties
  • The presence of other ingredients like haritaki helps in restoring the color of the hair and preventing premature graying of the hair.

You can apply the oil by rubbing it gently on the roots of hair before going to bed or 2 hours before taking shower; it can also be applied after washing your hair.

All these important ingredients boost hair growth and prevents hair fall. Bhringaraj oil hardly has any side effect.

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