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Natural Treatment for Head Lice

The head louse is an ecto-parasitic wingless insect that lives on the scalp, feeding human blood throughout its lifecycle. They are not known to infect any other animal, as they spend their entire lifetime on the scalp of the human host. Though they are flightless, slow in movement and cannot jump, they turn into a menace, by multiplying quickly, causing itchy scalp, leading to frustration. Head lice are capable of surviving for nearly a whole day, outside the body of the host; this is one of the ways that they spread from one person to another.

People often buy shampoos meant to get rid of head lice, but unfortunately they contain pesticides which are harmful, especially for children. It can damage your hair, and also enter your blood stream, as anything applied to your skin is absorbed by it; moreover the scalp is highly permeable which makes the use of harmful products for treating head lice more risky.

Using pesticides to get rid of lice will come with certain health hazards for the child; therefore it is wise to use alternative home remedy to get rid of lice. Some of these treatments are not just safe, but in addition they are more effective than over-the-counter medicines.

Basic treatment

One of the easiest treatments for head lice infection is to thoroughly comb hair with a lice comb. Keep hot water in a bowl, so that you can dip the comb in the water to get rid of any lice which is sticking to it. You can also search for the lice and nits, so that they can be removed manually from the hair with the help of tweezers or finger nails.

Coconut oil


Using coconut oil on the hair before combing it with lice comb will help a lot, since the oil not only suffocates the lice, but it effectively loosens their grip on their hair which makes it easy to take them out.

For severe infection, apply warm coconut oil to the hair; comb it with lice comb at least thrice from scalp to tips. Do not forget to dip the comb in hot water. Shampoo thoroughly. Apply coconut oil generously to the clean, dry hair before going to bed. Cover head with shower cap. Comb again to remove dead lice the next morning and have a hot water shower. This will not only get rid of the lice, but proves to be an excellent treatment for hair and scalp. You can also use tea tree oil, olive oil or almond oil instead of coconut oil to get rid of lice.

Getting rid of nits with vinegar treatment

Vinegar does not kill adult lice, but it is one of the best treatments to get rid of nits, which are eggs laid by the lice, strongly sticking to the hair. They do not come out easily due to the strong adhesive that holds them safely on the hair strand. Vinegar dissolves the adhesive and loosens the nits, so that they will come out when combed easily.

Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and soak hair in it. Wrap scalp in a towel and leave vinegar in the hair for 30 minutes. Remove the nits with the help of a comb, tweezers or finger nails. Wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo.

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