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10 Lifestyle Changes to Tackle Diabetes

Diabetes has raised as a top chronic illness, especially among the city dwellers, in the past few decades. People having this terrible condition are exposed to serious health risks, causing damage to heart, kidneys, nerve endings and retinas which are quite difficult to rectify. Yet, diabetes can be controlled by making certain changes to lifestyle, thus enabling a person to lead a healthy life.

1. Know the type of diabetes

Know your diabetes, whether you are suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Identify your condition well so that you are aware of where you stand and how much effort should be exerted to keep the chronic ailment under control. Do not take diabetes lightly. Make plans to live with the condition without allowing it to dictate your life.


2. Avoid problematic foods

Avoid foods that can aggravate the diabetic condition. Lessen your calorie intake, saturated fatty foods, sugar, Trans fat and salt. Soft drinks, pastries, pizzas, pasta, hot dogs and other types of fast food should be avoided as much as possible. Carbohydrates have a big role to play in maintenance of blood sugar levels. Avoid refined carbohydrates like white bread, polished rice etc.

3. Take balanced diet

Eat healthy food with balanced diet that provides you enough amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Choose your carbohydrates wisely. Eat food that contains slow release carbohydrates which are also known as high fiber complex carbohydrates. Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your meals. Do not skip meals. Try to consume at least 3 meals and 1-2 snacks in between.

4. Reduce obesity

Obesity has been one of the main contributors to type 2 diabetes. Keeping weight under control will not only help in combating diabetes, but will contribute to overall improvement of health of a person. Losing even 5-10% of overall body weight can make a huge difference in reducing the onset of type 2 diabetes among high risk people.

5. Exercise regularly

Exercise is an important part tackling diabetes. Exercising regularly will help in losing weight; moreover it will facilitate the body to use insulin effectively to convert glucose into energy cells. When the skeletal muscles are used, it will take the blood sugar out of the blood stream.

6. Be stress free

Stress has direct and indirect effect on diabetes. On one hand, a person under stress may pick up unhealthy lifestyle and habits that can increase blood sugar level; on the other hand stress hormones will directly increase the blood sugar level. Relaxation, adequate sleep and being stress free can keep diabetes under control.

7. Quit smoking

People who smoke tend to have higher levels of blood sugar, thus making it a daunting task for the medical personnel to keep diabetes under control. Nicotine can increase the risk of developing diabetes in non-diabetic people.

8. Give up drinking

Consumption of alcohol is known to aggravate complications related to diabetes. If giving up alcohol is not possible than reducing intake and choosing the right drinks which comes with fewer calories and carbohydrates would help.

9. Take care of your heart and kidneys

Keep an eye on heart and kidneys, as diabetes is a leading cause of heart and kidney failure. A high percentage of deaths in diabetic patients are related to heart diseases.

10. Monitor your sugar levels

Plan you check ups and monitor blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure so that you know how much your diabetes is under control. Knowing the condition of your body will help you plan accordingly. You can see the effects of your lifestyle changes on your health, which will further boost your enthusiasm.

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