Burdock Root Pictures

What is burdock root? Burdock is an herbaceous plant of the genus Arctium which carries essential medicinal value. Grown as a short biennial, the root, leaf and seed of Burdock are used for treatment of a host of ailments. In Asia and some parts of US, burdock root is used as an edible food product. […]

What is Shatavari? Asparagus racemosus, commonly called Shatavari, is a species of asparagus found in the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal as well as in Sri Lanka and Africa. Other names for the herb in various Indian languages include vrishya and shatuli. The name “Shatavari” is derived from two words – “shat” meaning “hundred” and “vari” meaning […]


Green tea has long been a staple in China and has also caught on in the West in a big way recently. Green tea comes from the same plant as regular black tea; the difference being that it is made from tea leaves that have undergone minimal oxidative processes. Green tea is advertized variously as […]


Oats are a traditional and commonly used food item in our kitchens – many of us eat porridge made from oats or consume oatmeal or oats in granola, muesli, etc. If you do reach for oats when having your morning breakfast or as a snack when you feel peckish during the day, you’re actually doing […]


The human body is subjected to stress, abuse and misuse until it gives in and starts responding with aches and pains in the muscles, joints and nerves. Everyday activities, which we take for granted like sitting, walking, bending or even sleeping has some effects on our body, mostly related to the posture we maintain, the […]


Lips are the vermillion zone which make or mar the beauty of the face. They are sensitive, movable, sensuous, and together with eyes, form the most beautiful and expressive anatomy of human body. Lips convey thousands of messages to people not only through the words flowing from them, but with the position of their curve […]


Though the terms astral projection and astral travel are used interchangeably, they are actually not the same. Through astral projection, only the consciousness or mind of the person is projected into the astral space whereas the body does not undergo any change. During astral travel, the person travels with the astral body which separates from […]


Indigestion and gas is a common ailment that affects everyone once in a while, especially those who eat spicy and fatty food. It is an uncomfortable feeling with gastrointestinal problems like bloating, flatulence, belching and pain in abdomen/chest. Gas is created in the stomach, when the broken food stays there for too long, without passing […]


The delicate health of children, which is yet to develop proper immunity to common ailments, is rocked by cough and cold in their childhood. Cough is caused by influenza, allergies, congestion of sinus or any other type of throat infection. It is wise to get the child checked by a health professional to rule out […]


Eyes are the colorful expressive organs, which are known as the windows of the soul. Even when the face can betray an emotion, the eyes often give them out. The mysterious expression, their various colors and their function of looking at the world have made the eyes one of the most exotic and mystic organ […]

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