No one thinks twice before washing hands, as it is done instinctively without any conscious thought process. Unfortunately not many realize that there is a correct procedure of washing hands that can reduce infections, and spreading of illness to a great extent. A little time spent washing the hands can save a person the expensive […]


Insomnia is a malady that generally affects adults, depriving them of the relaxing sleep desperately needed by their tired bodies. Peaceful and relaxing sleep is one of the basic needs of the body to function properly. An average adult requires nearly 7-9 hours of sleep every night, insufficiency of which can lead to illnesses including […]


Generally it is accepted that without healthy, damage free and properly set hair, even the best dress, right makeup and well matched accessories would fall flat. Though no one wants it, everyone has had a bad hair day, and most often when they least needed it. Hair is often affected by external factors like humidity, […]


Stress is a normal response of our body to dangers. And to a certain extent, we can say that stress, anxiety and fear are important for our safety. Stress in fact prepares the body to react quickly to dangers and unpleasant situations, thus triggering the flight or fight response which keeps us alive and safe. […]


Raw food diet is one of the most popular diets among people who are aiming to live a healthy life without becoming overweight. Raw food is considered healthier than cooked food as it retains all the nutrients in the food which often get destroyed during cooking process. It is a good source of essential nutrients, […]


Millions of people around the world suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), leaving under constant fear, frustration and anxiety. It is a mental illness that induces some stereotype obsessions in people who then feel compelled to behave in a manner giving in to the obsessions over and over again. Though the patients realize that their […]


Without beautiful, flawless skin, beauty is never complete. Hundreds of new creams, lotions and facemasks hit the market every month, that promise to give people the blemish free, spotless, supple skin for a price. However, following some simple steps and using age old home remedies can give you the same or even more effective results […]


Aromatherapy is a branch of holistic medicine that makes use of volatile plant oils, including essential oils from various herbs; creating a fragrant environment that is helpful in the healing process of human body and mind. Some therapists use the oil for massage or as an oral intake besides the inhalation process. Aromatherapy is taking […]


In the world dominated by easy living, aided by technology, physical activity has reduced to the extent where obesity has become a major problem of our society. Everyone is accumulating fat in the body by consuming more calories than they can burn out, which has led to physical ailments in addition to emotional problems. Yoga […]


Pain can be scary, debilitating, and unbearable to the person dealing with it. The fear of pain has always been used as a weapon in many ways, which proves how difficult it is for any living cell with sensitivity to deal with pain. The unwanted sensation caused by a message sent by the nervous system […]

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