Reflexology is an ancient method of science of relaxation therapy which stimulates the reflexes of foot, palms or ears to unwind and normalize the functions of the body, thus re-establishing the natural balance between the organs of the body. It was practiced by Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans and other Native American tribes and was given a […]


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome affects nearly 5-10% women in their fertile period, the figure excluding the cases that go unreported or undiagnosed. Many women detest the hormonal therapy recommended for treating PCOS by doctors. Therefore they opt for naturopathic treatment to regulate their blood sugar and insulin levels, reduce the amount of androgens, and give boost […]


In regions where the sun beats down harshly in summers, a glass of cool buttermilk is always a welcome delicacy. The good bacteria in the buttermilk boost the digestion, providing low calorie nutrition to the body. Buttermilk is sought after by health conscious individuals as it contains less fat than milk; the fat has been […]


Music is considered to be a divine connection a person has with his own soul for ages. It has been noticed that it is not only humans, but animals and even plants respond positively to soothing musical notes. Now there is scientific evidence that proves the fact that listening to comforting music contributes to overall […]


Mental and behavioral disorders affect nearly 25% of the people at one or the other time in their life. The fast paced lifestyle of the modern society has added to stress and tensions, leading to steep increase in mental disorders. Though, medical science is progressing leaps and bounds, health professionals and medical centers are not […]


Chiropractic is one of the most sought after alternative relief treatment for back pain. Chiropractors use a hands-on adjustment procedure, through which they manipulate the spine by applying controlled and sudden force to the spinal joints. The chiropractors can successfully treat many types of back pains, especially in lower back, by correcting the faulty alignment […]


“My son, eat thou honey, for it is good” the wise King Soloman had said, which is an indication that honey was known for its health benefits even in the past. Honey has been one of the nature’s greatest gift to mankind, which apart from its great sweet taste, has infinite number of health benefits […]


Acupuncture uses centuries old Chinese medical techniques to heal numerous ailments that haunt the human body. More than medicine it is an art, wherein needles are pierced at specific points on the body, without any drug or chemicals to achieve the therapeutic effect of healing illnesses. The acupuncture needles do not penetrate the skin; neither […]

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