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Reflexology for Relaxation and Good Health

Reflexology is an ancient method of science of relaxation therapy which stimulates the reflexes of foot, palms or ears to unwind and normalize the functions of the body, thus re-establishing the natural balance between the organs of the body. It was practiced by Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans and other Native American tribes and was given a rebirth after thousands of years by the efforts of Eunice Ingham in the 1930’s. This amazing light touch therapy is known to relax the body, boost blood circulation and revitalize the body to a great extent.

How It Works

The Chinese therapists believed that diseases were caused due to the disruption in the flow of energy known as Chi through the body, due of blockages caused by wrong diets, negative emotions and influences of external environment. Reflexology, like acupuncture, clears those blockages on the highways inside the human body, so that the diseases can be prevented and good health restored.


It boosts blood circulation, in addition to getting the body to function optimally for elimination of toxins and wastes from cells, organs, blood and other body parts. This may give rise to symptoms like flu with headaches and fatigue if the water intake is not increased when going through the therapy.

Method Involved

The feet, palms and ears have highly sensitive zones that are connected to the different organs of the human body. The most popular form of reflexology is the foot therapy where a gentle massage is given to the feet by a reflexologist, who first feels the feet to find any abnormality like swellings, pains, or hardness that are clues to other body ailments.

Gentle massage to the reflex zone possesses tremendous power to relax the nervous system and results in the stimulation of the healing of the body. Some therapists use light and mystical music for enhancing the relaxation of the patient. The adept hands of reflexologist are skilled to sense vibrations, or releasing of tensions which will guide them to the issue which is the corresponding organ of that zone.

A reflexology massage to the foot, palms or ears, which has precise points corresponding to different organs in the body, will effectively relax the whole body and increase blood circulation to specific areas to remove toxins.

Health Benefits

Reflexology is an alternative therapy not sought after for curing diseases, but mainly for relaxing the body and aiding prevention of diseases by boosting blood circulation. The therapy is well known for reducing stress and bringing back balance to the body by removing obstacles from the path of the energy flow. By reducing stress and relaxing the body, it aids in prevention of illness.

It is known to effectively stimulate nerve functions through deep relaxations techniques. The improved circulation detoxifies the blood much efficiently, thus revitalizing and energizing the whole body. The immune system of the body receives a great boost, as the therapy enhances the performance of the lymphatic system which will increase the power of the body to fight against illness.

Studies are being conducted to scientifically substantiate the claim that reflexology can reduce delivery pain in the women, and even shorten the period of labor to great extent.

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