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Buttermilk: The Healthy Cool Drink

In regions where the sun beats down harshly in summers, a glass of cool buttermilk is always a welcome delicacy. The good bacteria in the buttermilk boost the digestion, providing low calorie nutrition to the body. Buttermilk is sought after by health conscious individuals as it contains less fat than milk; the fat has been taken off to prepare butter, though it is rich in lactic acid.

The cool drink which is very refreshing is excellent source of potassium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, phosphorus and calcium. Buttermilk is a probiotic food that contains the type of bacteria which instead of being harmful, has great health benefits for humans. People, who are intolerant to milk, do not have difficulty in digesting curd; therefore people who have digestive problems are recommended to consume buttermilk instead of milk.

Health Benefits


Buttermilk is an excellent coolant that reduces the body heat, especially when the temperature is soaring high in summer. The high amount of lactic acid of the butter milk improves the immune system of the human body, preparing it to fight against diseases. Buttermilk is often included in weight loss diets due to its property of containing all essential nutrients required by our body, whereas it does not contain fats and high amounts of calories.

Buttermilk is rich in lactic acid and the cosmetic industry has made extensive use of in its beauty products. It is good facial mask that softens, brightens and exfoliates the skin to give it a youthful look. At the same time, the acidic, astringent nature of lactic acid removes blemishes, freckles while tightening the sagging skin.

The vitamin B12 in the buttermilk helps in synthesizing the fatty and amino acids, in addition to fighting anemia, stress and promoting growth of nerve cells. B12 is also responsible for converting glucose into energy. The potassium and riboflavin in the buttermilk lowers blood pressure while the calcium improves bone health.

Using Buttermilk

Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of buttermilk a day is a good remedy for thrush, as the healthy bacteria in the buttermilk will not encourage the growth of yeast. Holding buttermilk inside the mouth before gulping it in or throwing it out will cure canker sores.

Sunburn: Mix ½ cup of buttermilk with ½ cup of tomato juice and apply over sunburn. Wash it off after an hour for a cool feeling. It also takes out the sting of the sunburn showing visible reduction in the redness of the skin.

Dehydration: Add 1 tsp of ginger extract to 1 cup of buttermilk and drink it for instant relief from dehydration.

Dark spots: Dry and powder orange peel. Mix this with buttermilk to make a fine paste. Apply it to the face and wash it off when dry to get rid of ugly dark spots.

Acidity: Drinking plenty of buttermilk is known to help in cases of severe acidity and indigestion.

Hemorrhoids: Adding a cup of buttermilk to rice and banana and consuming it twice a day is known to provide quick relief from hemorrhoids.

Diarrhea: A glass of buttermilk sweetened with sugar or honey stops vomiting and diarrhea in small children effectively.

Digestive tract disorders: Mix equal amounts of dry powdered ginger, black pepper and rock salt. Add this to a glass of buttermilk and consume every day to get relief from all ailments of digestive tract.

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