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Treating PCOS Through Naturopathy

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome affects nearly 5-10% women in their fertile period, the figure excluding the cases that go unreported or undiagnosed. Many women detest the hormonal therapy recommended for treating PCOS by doctors. Therefore they opt for naturopathic treatment to regulate their blood sugar and insulin levels, reduce the amount of androgens, and give boost to progesterone which will take care of PCOS.

Women who do not plan to get pregnant should get treatment for PCOS because the body of a woman who does not ovulate every month will not produce enough progesterone, leading to dominance by androgen and estrogen hormone which can lead to conditions like breast cancer, fibroids, cysts, miscarriage, diabetes, heart disease, uterine cancer and endometriosis.

Treating PCOS


Most of the women are shocked when they hear the doctor say that there is no cure for PCOS. Unfortunately, not many medical professionals explain to them that the condition which is caused by out-syncing of hormones can be controlled with proper exercise, weight control, and healthy diet. It also helps if the woman is not smoking, drinking or into substance abuse, since this is known to contribute in aggravating the problem.

The symptoms may include irregular periods and inability of the woman to get pregnant. Surgical removal of the cysts does not help, as the increased production of insulin leads to increase in production of male hormones, which are the cause of the cysts. Removal of cysts will result in temporary cure of the symptom; whereas the underlying cause will be left untouched.

Under naturopathy, the holistic therapies that will eliminate the ovarian cysts, in addition to effectively reverse the symptoms of PCOS, so that the woman will be able to gain her natural inner balance and good health. Recent scientific studies have proven that alternative treatment like acupuncture, ayurveda, dietary supplements of nutrition and vitamins along with many other therapies can successfully treat PCOS.

PCOS and Lifestyle

Obesity is known to contribute to a great extent to PCOS. Therefore weight loss is recommended for women opting for natural treatment for their ailment. Even as less as 5% reduction in total body weight has shown wonderful results by bringing down the testosterone and insulin levels in the body, thus increasing the chances of fertility.

In addition, regular exercise, eating healthy diet which does not include processed carbohydrates like breads and pasta but it can be replaced by brown rice and whole wheat breads, controlling emotional disorders like stress, anxiety and depression, keeping away from unhealthy habits of smoking and drinking will contribute in a great way to keep the symptoms of PCOS to minimum.

The Naturopathic Way

The naturopaths treat PCOS by addressing the cause rather than the symptoms. Some naturopathy therapies make use of herbs to balance the hormones, along with change in lifestyle. Minerals like magnesium, zinc and chromium are known to balance levels of blood sugar. Therefore either supplements containing the minerals, or a diet of food rich in these minerals is recommended for the treating PCOS.

There should be enough vitamin D since the deficiency aggravates the PCOS. Naturopathy treatment may not be as quick as prescriptions of hormone balancing medicines, but the changed lifestyle contributes not only to treat PCOS but it also improves health of the woman without any side effects.

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