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Health Benefits and Healing Power of Music

Music is considered to be a divine connection a person has with his own soul for ages. It has been noticed that it is not only humans, but animals and even plants respond positively to soothing musical notes. Now there is scientific evidence that proves the fact that listening to comforting music contributes to overall wellbeing of a person, and improves general health of people without discrimination. After realizing the therapeutic benefits of music, it is being extensively used as a tool to heal and positively influence the physical, emotional, social and mental health of people.

Reduces Stress

Making proper use of music has innumerable health benefits for people. Extensive scientific research has proved that music has ability to reduce pain and stress to a great extent. Soothing music has great influence on cardiovascular activity, whereby it reduces the pace of heart and brings down high blood pressure. In addition, music is known to relax the body by calming down the hyperactive cells and tissues, and regulating the breathing.

Helps Perform Better


People who listen to music when they exercise are known to perform better and stay committed to their programs. Music can drive away the boredom set by repetitive exercises, and also divert attention from fatigue, exertion and tiredness which sets in during the exercise. It also helps in providing rhythm to the routine.

Soothes the Senses

Music stimulates the brain cells, as our brainwaves resonate in sync with the beat. The drums beats were used effectively by many tribes of Africa to increase the concentration and make the mind more alert by syncing the brain to the beats of drums. Soothing music is used to reduce depression, anxiety, stress and other illness related to mind. Music therapy can increase optimism in a person, since it brings pleasant memories of past and hope for the future. People have claimed that music therapy gave a huge boost to their self-esteem and increased their confidence level.

Helps Socialize

The relaxing effect of music helps people to socialize and open up to strangers more easily, one of the reasons why music has become a part and parcel of our social gathering.

Gives Sound Sleep

Soothing music helps a person to slip to relaxing sleep, additionally relieving stress, anxiety and negative emotions. A person who sleeps listening to peaceful music does not experience bad dreams and nightmares.

Reduces Pain

Oncology hospitals have included music therapy in the treatment of cancers, since music is known to reduce anxiety and fear in the patients, reduce pain during radiation therapy and help control vomiting and nausea which results as the side effect of chemotherapy.

Eases Spiritual Connection

For ages people have realized the divine connection of music to spiritual health, which has introduced the various rhythms of chants, beats and other forms of music in worships. Many people feel closer to God through divine music, more than through meditation or other methods of worship.

Therapeutic Uses

After understanding the healing power of music, an alternative therapeutic form of treatment known as Music Therapy was developed, especially to help people with problematic behaviors. Music therapy helps individuals to improve to social skills, take control of their emotions, and increase the functions of their brains.

Different musical notes and rhythms have different effects on the functioning of the brain, which is applied by a trained music therapist to relieve stress and anxiety, improve their frame of mind and general disposition, and enhance the quality of life of people who are going through chronic illnesses.

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