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Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

Chiropractic is one of the most sought after alternative relief treatment for back pain. Chiropractors use a hands-on adjustment procedure, through which they manipulate the spine by applying controlled and sudden force to the spinal joints. The chiropractors can successfully treat many types of back pains, especially in lower back, by correcting the faulty alignment of the spine, thus restoring mobility of joints which further improves the posture and function of the body. The treatment may include a proper rehabilitation program incorporating proper nutritional diet and corrective exercises.

Risks and Benefits

Chiropractors are dedicated professionals who bring relief to people suffering from back pain through an effective non-surgical procedure. Chiropractic is known to be effective in the treatment of mid and lower back pain, headaches, joint pains and pain in the neck. A patient who undergoes this treatment need not worry about the invasive method of surgery or side effects of pain medicines, muscle relaxers or anti- inflammatory drugs.


This treatment involves a powerful manipulation of the spine; hence the procedure should be carried out only by certified and experienced professional, as unprofessional approach may lead to debilitation of the patient. It is also important to note that all back pains cannot be treated through chiropractic since some conditions will need surgical intervention.

Cancer patients who wish to undergo chiropractic treatment should first obtain permission from their oncologist regarding the safety of the procedure in their condition. Precaution should also be taken to rule out osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis and spinal cord compression in people who opt for this procedure.

How Is It Performed?

On the first visit to Chiropractor, various tests are conducted to identify the exact cause of the pain. The clinic will also collect the medical history and records about injuries, health problems, diet, physical activities, and use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco. Chiropractic treatment of back pain is not only aimed at relieving the pain, but also at the overall wellbeing of the patient. Back pain can be in the form numbness, throbbing pain, tingling feeling, or a pinching pain.

The type of pain is the clue for the chiropractor to identify the cause. Before embarking on spinal manipulation, the chiropractor will conduct a thorough physical examination of his patient, to determine the spinal mobility, blood pressure, and necessary health details. X-rays may be needed in some cases, especially those involving accidents or injuries.

A chiropractor often has a special table on which the patient has to lie down on the stomach for the procedure of spinal manipulations. After relaxing the patient, the chiropractor starts the spinal manipulation by hand, where he efficiently moves joints of spine and makes adjustments in them through powerful thrusts. The treatment is known to realign the disarranged bones in the spine, making it straighter.

Some patients take time to adjust to their new spinal alignment, which will make cause a bit of pain, stiffness in the back and tiredness. Once they set into the new straighter alignment, they will see a tremendous reduction in the back pain. Some chiropractors follow the spinal manipulation with chiropractic massage to aid the healing process.

Initially the patient will require 2-3 sessions a week with the chiropractor. The total treatment can last for a few days or few months, depending upon the gravity of the pain.

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