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Natural Home Remedies for Strong and Healthy Hair

Generally it is accepted that without healthy, damage free and properly set hair, even the best dress, right makeup and well matched accessories would fall flat. Though no one wants it, everyone has had a bad hair day, and most often when they least needed it. Hair is often affected by external factors like humidity, heat, sweat, wind, sunlight as well as some internal factors like health and nutrition. In addition, they are also damaged due to harsh chemicals used in cosmetic products.

Grandma’s Method of Hair Care

Often people opt for easy treatment at the salons, which will almost drill a hole in their pockets; moreover, the effects are temporary. Instead of the expensive treatment of hair, we can go for the age old grandma’s treatment of hair which can be more effective and cheap in taking care of dry, frizzy, oily, damaged and thinning hair. Home remedies for hair care can be often done with stuff available at home, like henna, yogurt, lemon, fruits, egg, and oils.

Healthy Diet


Hair is the part of our body, and needs nourishment from within for healthy growth and proper sustenance. Diet has a big say in the condition of healthy hair, as intake of essential nutrients and vitamins is important for hair growth. A balanced diet includes milk, cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, will supply the body all the required nutrients. For treating severe hair loss, try increasing the intake honey, liver, wheat germ and milk.

Hair Loss Solutions

Oils are the best solution for hair loss and thinning hair as they effectively prevent falling of hair, while at the same time add volume to it. Hair oil of Amla or Indian gooseberry an excellent tonic for hair as it nourishes it from roots.

Preparation of amla oil: Remove seeds and dry amla in sunlight. Boil the dried pieces in coconut or olive oil; strain the oil to get the amla hair oil.

Extract the juice of amla and lime. Mix them together in equal quantities to get a homemade shampoo that can prevent hair loss.

Massaging the scalp improves blood circulation and stimulates and hair follicles. Warm oil of coconut, olive, and canola massaged on the scalp is an excellent remedy for hair loss. Adding lavender essential oil helps in calming the nerves and inducing relaxing sleep as well.

Avoid Stress

Stress has a negative effect on the whole body including the hair. Research has proven that stress, anxiety and depression are the root cause of unnecessary hair fall. Try to relax the mind and get rid of stressors, not just for hair care, but for general good health of body and mind.

Stimulating the Scalp

Brushing the hair regularly is good stimulation for the scalp. The grandma’s method was to brush the hair smoothly from base to tip with 100 strokes every day. Rubbing the scalp with fingers tips to generate heat after a cold water bath helps in hair growth.

Homemade Conditioner

Mix equal amount of honey and olive oil and apply it to the hair, massaging the scalp. Wrap a towel or plastic around the head and wash off after half an hour. This is an excellent conditioner and tonic for hair which keeps it shiny and healthy.

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