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Keep Insomnia at Bay with These Effective Natural Remedies

Insomnia is a malady that generally affects adults, depriving them of the relaxing sleep desperately needed by their tired bodies. Peaceful and relaxing sleep is one of the basic needs of the body to function properly. An average adult requires nearly 7-9 hours of sleep every night, insufficiency of which can lead to illnesses including depression, heart disease, accidents, and not being able to carry on with everyday activities either at work or home.

Due to the miserable feeling accompanied by the restless night, many people often resort to over-the-counter medicine. Though the medicines are successful in inducing sleep, they do not give the required relaxation; moreover, with continuous medication, the danger of getting addicted to it is very high. Also, once the body becomes tolerant to the medicines, the dosage will have to be increased, thus increasing the risk of side-effects.


To avoid the harmful side-effects, people who are affected by insomnia can follow some simple and natural treatment through effective home remedies that may help them sleep well.

Magnesium and Calcium Supplements

Deficiency of calcium and magnesium can cause sleep problems. Intake of magnesium and calcium supplements is an effective sleep booster; moreover, magnesium helps counteract the ill effects of calcium on the heart. The only known side-effect is diarrhea in some cases, which can be prevented by lowering the dose.

Herbs to Tackle Sleep Disorders

Wild lettuce is an excellent relaxant, which in known to reduce anxiety, and induce peaceful sleep. It is an effective treatment for many disorders like headaches, aches in joints and muscles and restless leg syndrome which are known to indirectly cause sleep problems. Taking wild lettuce supplement at night is known to tackle sleep problems effectively.

Hops are also wildly used as sedative to cure sleeping disorders.

Valerian binds to the brain receptors resembling common tranquilizers like diazepam, which helps in inducing sleep quickly, minus the negative effects of hangover caused by pills.

Lavender has long been used as a sedative to calm nerves and induce peaceful sleep which completely relaxes both the body and mind. Application of lavender essential oil to the temples and forehead at night is great way to enjoy peaceful and aromatic sleep.

Comfortable and Right Environment

An uncomfortable bed may not be the sole cause of sleeping disorder, but it definitely contributes towards aggravating the problem. Noisy and disturbing environment of the bedroom can also interfere with sleep. Creating a silent, peaceful and comfortable sleeping place is very important for good health.

Though not propagated highly, sleeping in dark room is very good for functioning of the pineal gland which secretes a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for regulating sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. Since light is known to inhibit the functioning of pineal gland and hinder proper secretion of hormones; it is important to avoid light during sleeping hours as much as possible.

Avoid Troublemakers

Avoid unnecessary activities like eating, watching television, working or having arguments in the bedroom, which would spoil its comfortable and quiet environment. Bedroom should be strictly restricted for sex and sleep.

Do not eat heavy meals, or consume caffeine and alcohol in the night, the after-effects of which would only make a person drowsy, but disturb restful sleep. It could also cause acidity, reflux or indigestion that would interfere with sleep in middle of the night.

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