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How to Get Beautiful Lips Naturally

Lips are the vermillion zone which make or mar the beauty of the face. They are sensitive, movable, sensuous, and together with eyes, form the most beautiful and expressive anatomy of human body. Lips convey thousands of messages to people not only through the words flowing from them, but with the position of their curve very effectively. Created with the brightest color of our body due to the capillaries showing through them, they stand out on the face and are one of the first observed features.

Everyone yearns for beautiful lips, but forget to take care of them to increase their appeal. Women try to solve the problems of their lips by applying lipstick which gives them desired color and smoothness. What they forget in the process is that no matter how advanced cosmetics gets, it can never replace natural beauty. There are some excellent natural remedies that can enhance the smoothness and color of the lips to make them visually more appealing.

Protect your lips


Though lips are an important part of the face, people often take them for granted, thus they do not get as much attention as the facial skin. Lips in fact need more care than skin, as they have just three to four layers compared to 16 layers of skin. In addition, they do not have the hairs, oil or sweat glands which give it natural protection; hence lips are prone to damage more than facial skin.

Not many people realize that sunrays can have harmful effects on lips like they have on the skin, hence the lips also need sunscreen for protection. When venturing out in sun, apply sun-block on lips so that they will not get chapped.

Eat healthy diet consisting of vegetables and fresh fruits so that the body will have enough supplements of Vitamins A, B and E. Drinking enough water is also necessary to avoid dehydration which leads to dryness in lips. Application of olive oil or vitamin E oil at night can give extra gloss, smoothness and bright color to the lips making them irresistible.

Often we tend to lick our lips to make them moist, but contrary to this, licking lip damages the protective barrier making them dry faster.

Home remedies for lip discoloration

One of the main reasons for discoloration of lips is overuse of lipsticks. You can use crushed petals of red rose, made into paste mixed with balm or Vaseline to color lips. Apply the paste on lips thickly and leave it for an hour. It leaves behind an attractive pink color on the lips.

Another excellent coloring for lips is done by massaging fresh beetroot juice on them. It not only gives a bright red, natural color but also removes dark pigmentation of lips effectively.

Cucumber or lemon juices when applied on lips are great remedies for discoloration.

Remedies for chapped lips

Applying a natural lip balm under the layer of lipstick will keep the lips moist, preventing dryness and chapping. Massaging the lips with a wash cloth or baby toothbrush with a layer of lip balm will help in removal of dead skin, giving it a smooth feel. A light massage with coriander juice is excellent for smooth and soft lips.

For extreme dry and chapped lips, use olive oil mixed with Vaseline. Using almond oil, Shea butter, or pure petroleum jelly also works as excellent treatment for chapped lips. Milk cream is another great moisturizer which can keep the lips moist and soft naturally.

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