Most of the youngsters suffer from acne and the blemishes it leaves behind on their face, scarring their beauty. The recent boom of fast food, increase in intake of potato chips, chocolates and ice-creams are not helping the cause of controlling the problem. Hormonal changes taking place during the teen years is another contributor to […]


Diabetes has raised as a top chronic illness, especially among the city dwellers, in the past few decades. People having this terrible condition are exposed to serious health risks, causing damage to heart, kidneys, nerve endings and retinas which are quite difficult to rectify. Yet, diabetes can be controlled by making certain changes to lifestyle, […]

Allergic reaction takes place when the immune system of our body misinterprets a harmless substance as potential danger, thus producing antibodies known as immunoglobulin E (IgE) to neutralize its effects. The allergic symptoms like itching, stuffy or runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing, sneezing are mere irritants whereas allergic shock is known to cause death in […]


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric conditions in children and adolescents. While about 75% of ADHD cases are thought to have a genetic component, environment and diet are also thought to play a significant part in the severity of symptoms and in the management of ADHD. Experts […]


Cold sores are itching, fluid filled blisters which appear on lips, roof of mouth, gums and even on nose which are very irritating, besides being painful. They are caused by the virus herpes simplex which is contagious and can lay dormant until it is triggered by a cold, fever, stress or exposure to sun. Often, […]

During the summer, the sales of soft drinks shoots up to the sky, as the modern generation rushes to drink them in gallons to quench their thirst. Unfortunately, not many of them realize the ill effects of these drinks on their health. There are many healthy drinks that are delicious, that quench the thirst effectively and […]


The head louse is an ecto-parasitic wingless insect that lives on the scalp, feeding human blood throughout its lifecycle. They are not known to infect any other animal, as they spend their entire lifetime on the scalp of the human host. Though they are flightless, slow in movement and cannot jump, they turn into a […]

Alternative medicine is considered a safer and natural approach to healing, which exists outside the realm of the mainstream allopathic or western medicine system. Alternative medicine makes use of various natural herbs, massage techniques, diets, and therapies not just to cure illnesses but also to prevent occurrence of various ailments. Many people opt for alternative […]

Eating nutritious diet will help a person live not just longer, but also a much healthier life without being troubled by various ailments, weight gain and other maladies. Food should be chosen not just for its taste but also for its various health benefits. You should do well to include a good variety of different […]

Even with the fast progress of modern science, many couples still find it inadequate to get solution to their infertility problems. Some of them resort to age old treatments which had proven successful long before the birth of medical science itself. Acupuncture is one of those alternative therapies that has proved successful for many couples […]

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